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Explore mindfulness & meditation practices. Please read through and choose which session is right for you. All sessions are private or you can join a scheduled session if it is on the booking calendar. Please send us an email to request dates and times. Please include up to 3 options. We will review and send you back the selected option with ways to pay the deposit. Deposits are refundable only if cancelled within 24 hours. Same day cancellations are non-refundable, but may be rescheduled. Meditation sessions to choose from. *Walking meditations center your thoughts around what you see, hear, and feel. Let your senses guide you. Done outside spring thru early fall. *Gazing meditation or trataka (sanskrit). Using sight to focus on an object, picture, etc. Focusing your attention on that which you have placed in front of you. Closing your eyes and visualizing it. *Compassion (loving-kindness) meditation can help you gain awareness of love & care toward self and others. Set an inward intention then an outward intention to send loving energy to whomever you are focusing on in that moment. *Sound meditation with singing bowls, shamanic drums, gongs, water noises, or nature. *Guided meditation where the facilitator will guide you through visuals, various sounds, stories, and past experiences. I recommend anyone new to the practice to tread lightly because you could get triggered and that is not what we always want to do unless we are releasing those negative emotions and feelings of trauma. Group sessions are available for your family, friends, or for workspace groups.

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24hrs in advance. A $5 fee for same day cancelation with out prior notice.

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